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Product list
Our company have set up a complete quality management system, got ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. The performance standards of our products: USA (ANSI/ASME ), Germany(DIN), French(NF), European(EN), Japan(JIS), International Standard (ISO), Britain(BS), Australia(AS), Russian(ΓOCT), and GB etc. For example:
1. aluminum alloy die castings
American Standard
ASTMB85-96 aluminum alloy die castings
ASTM B85-98 aluminum alloy die castings
ASTMB179-96 sand casting, permanent type casting and die casting aluminum alloy ingots
ASTMB597-98 aluminum alloy heat treatment
Japanese standard
JISH2118: 2000 die-casting aluminum alloy ingots
JISH5302: 2000 aluminum alloy die casting
German standard
DIN 1725-86 cast aluminum alloy and casting
French standard
Of NF the A57-703-84 pure aluminum and aluminum alloy die casting
European standards
EN 1706:1998 aluminum alloy castings
Chinese standardsGB/T15115-94 die-casting aluminum alloy
GB/T15114-94 aluminum alloy die castings
HB5012-86 aluminum alloy die casting
2. Magnesium alloy die castings
International standard
ISO/DIS16220-1999 cast magnesium alloy
American Standard
ASTMB93/B93M-98 sand casting, permanent-type casting and die casting magnesium alloy ingots
ASTMB94-94 magnesium alloy die castings
Japanese standard
JISH2222-1991 die-casting magnesium alloy ingots
JISH5303-1991 magnesium alloy die castings
European standards
EN1754-1997 Magnesium and magnesium alloys - ingots and castings
Russian Standard
ΓOCT2856-79 cast magnesium alloys
Chinese standards
GB1177-91 cast magnesium alloys
GB/T13820-92 magnesium alloy castings3. Zinc Alloy Die Casting
International standard
ISO301-1981 cast zinc alloy ingots
American Standard
ASTM B86-98 Zinc Alloy Die Casting
ASTM B240-98 die-casting zinc alloy ingots
ASTM B327-98 die-casting zinc alloy aluminum master alloy
Japanese standard
JIS H5301-90 zinc alloy die castings JIS H2021:1999 die-casting zinc alloy ingots
European standards
EN1774-cast zinc alloy 1997 EN12844:1998 Zinc and zinc alloys - Castings - Specifications
Russian Standard
ΓOCT19424-74 die-cast zinc alloy
Australian Standard
AS1881-1986 zinc alloy
Chinese standards
GB/T1175-1997 cast zinc alloy
GB/T13818-92 die-casting zinc alloy
GB/T13821-92 zinc alloy die castings

4. Copper alloy die castings
American Standard
ASTM B176-95 copper alloy die castings
Japanese standard
JISH2202:2000 cast copper alloy ingot
European standards
EN1982:1998 Copper and copper alloys - ingots and castings
Russian Standard
ΓOCT17711-93 cast brass chemical composition
Chinese standards
GB1176-87 Technical conditions of Cast Copper Alloys
GB/T15116-94 die casting of copper alloy
GB/T15117-94 copper alloy die castings

5. Tin-lead alloy die castings
American Standard
ASTMB102-93 lead alloy and tin alloy die castings
Japanese standard
JISH2231-1962 type of metal ingots
JISH5601-1990 hard lead casting
JISH5401-1958 bearing alloy
German standard
DIN1742-71 tin die-casting alloy
DIN1741-1974 die-casting with lead alloy
British Standard
BS3332-1987 white metal bearing alloy ingot
Russian Standard
ΓOCT1320-74 Babbitt alloyChinese standards
GB/T8740-1988 casting lead-based bearing alloy ingots
GB/T8740-1988 casting tin-based bearing alloy ingots