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  Taipute Auto Parts Factory is specialized in the design, manufacturing and sales of various aluminum die castings, aluminum alloy die casting parts, aluminum die cast car parts, aluminum die cast auto parts, zinc die casting, copper die castings. With the last twenty-five years development,we have become a leading aluminum die casting supplier and a largest production base in north of china. We cover the area of 40,000 square meters. Our advance equipment are all imported form Taiwan and Italy. We have set up a complete quality management system, got ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. Our products meet the latest standards of ISO, ASTM, DIN, NF, EN, JISH and GB.Our product include aluminum die cast car parts, aluminum die cast auto parts, aluminum die casting auto parts, aluminum die-casting power accessories, aluminum die casting power metal accessories, aluminum die-casting engine cylinder, aluminum die casting cylinder to cylinder head, aluminum die casting valve rocker, 3TM aluminum die-casting valve rocker bearing, 4TN98 aluminum die-casting valve rocker bearing, aluminum die-cast construction accessories, decorative accessories of aluminum die-casting, aluminum die casting fence accessories, aluminum die casting, zinc alloy die casting, copper alloy die castings, aluminum alloy die casting parts, zinc die casting, copper die castings, etc. We famous for aluminum die casting, zinc die casting and copper die castings. Our factory the production of aluminum engine valve rocker, rocker arm bracket and aluminum die-casting valve rocker bearing has been supporting FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory, two steam Chaoyang Diesel Engine Factory, Shanghai Diesel Engine Factory and Global 500 companies Japan Yanmar, trusted by customers. Our die casting parts have been sold to the countries and regions in Japan, Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, Australia and South-Middle-America and are warmly welcomed by the customers both at home and abroad.
  Our factory strong technical force, advanced production equipment, complete testing equipment, strict quality inspection. Our factory has a casting workshop is equipped with five high-precision pressure casting production line. The finishing shop is equipped with dozens of CNC machine tools, machining centers. Quality inspection department is equipped with a full set of precision inspection and testing equipment such as molten aluminum spectrometer, tensile testing machine, hardness tester. My factory can produce annually 60,000 tons of die casting products.We wish to show our warm welcome, with first-grade quality, first-class services and optimal prices to our customers. Welcome to contact us.